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Formula 1 prompt fic
Inspired by commentporn and tennisflashfic, welcome to f1flashfic :D

Basic idea is that everyone post prompts in the comments of the designated flash fic posts (any prompt - it could be a pairing, a quote, a song, a pic, anything) and people can respond with ficlets. There's no restrictions to the fics you can post, they can be any length, any rating, just post them as a reply (with the pairing, rating and any warnings in the subject) and you're good to go :D And just because someone else has already written a fic for a certain prompt doesn't mean you can't write another, more fic is always welcome.

Flash fic posts will be put up at pre-arranged times so everyone knows when they're happening. They will be run approximately once a month, with a poll going up to see when everyone's available first

Only one hard fast rule - please just be considerate of other comm members. That means absolutely no trashing other people's fic, and no bashing drivers/teams. We want this to be a happy, drama-free place, and the last thing anyone wants is to see their favourite getting crap.

Other than that the only thing to say is everyone get writing! Try and write something new, maybe a pairing you wouldn't normally try, a style you wouldn't normally write, anything goes. Head over to the intros post and then join right in :D

Feel free to cross-post any ficlets written here to other comms - see our affiliate list for suggestions